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Dear Friends & Art Lovers,

How are you? Are you feeling supported? Are you supporting others? In this time of change we all need to find new ways to connect, no matter the distance that is imposed upon us.

Now is the time to find ways to ensure we keep engaging with things that create mental health balance in our lives. We can feel isolated during this time and not sure what to do with ourselves or the predicament we find ourselves in. We want to you all to know the care and compassion we are all feeling as we face this unprecedented event. 

Art Mania Studio is reopening the studio doors and will be allowing a maximum of 12 students into the selected classes that will be available. Bookings & prepayment for classes are essential and cancellations must be communicated no later than 48hours before a class commences or payment will be forfeit.
Here is how we are looking after everyones health and safety:


  • We have a bell placed at the front door. Please ring upon arrival and someone will be with you shortly.
  • Anyone entering the studio will have their temperature taken and recorded using a thermometer that reads the temperature of your forehead. For anyone that reads a high temperature you will be asked to wait for 10-15minutes before being tested again. Anyone continuing to read with a high temperature will not be able to access. If you are feeling unwell please stay at home and rest.
  • As a precaution to keep you safe we now ask that anyone attending our classes in the studio wear a mask.
  • Please ensure 1.5m social distancing is kept at all times between yourself, other students and all AMS staff.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at studio entrance, please use before and after engaging with the studio.
  • We ask that you please practise handwashing hygiene before coming to the studio and handing over any artworks for kiln firing.
Connect with us online for our latest VIDEO WORKSHOPS, CREATIVE HOME-TIME IDEAS, ONE STOP ART SHOP SUPPLIES and selection of HOME ART KITS that are available.


If you have paid a deposit for any class, course or workshop that is no longer running, we ask if you do not desperately need the money that you allow us to keep it in credit for you for one of our online options or for a re-scheduled option in studio. Many small businesses are greatly suffering at this time and we would be deeply appreciative if you could help us at this time by engaging with us online and continuing to purchase your art supplies through us. 

We hope everyone is staying safe at home and that we as a community can continue to support each other as best we can.

Much love, the Art Mania Team

Follow the link below and stay up to date with daily reports on COVID-19 and the current situation in Australia.

Source: Australian Government – Department of Health

Recently – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: The workshop I booked has been cancelled, what happens to the payment I've made?

A: If you have paid a deposit for any class, course or workshop that is no longer running, we ask that if you do not desperately need the money, you allow us to keep it in credit for you for one of our online options or for a later scheduled option in studio.

Please email to find out how we can continue to serve you.

Q: What are my options if my workshop, class or course is not going ahead?

A: Here at Art Mania Studio we are busily creating online art class options, as well as art kits to go with them. 

More information will be available soon regarding the availability and schedule. Please email to register your interest.

Q: I need art supplies, can I still get them?

A: Yes, Art Mania Studio have a wide range of art supplies available for purchase online. Click here to check out our art shop. Our doors are also open for art-kit pick ups, art supply purchases and to drop off or collect clay or glass items for kiln firing. 

Please call us on 02 4955 0509 or email to enquire.

Q: My clay work needs kiln firing, can I still get that done?

A: Yes you can, to arrange please call us on 02 4955 0509 or email 

We’re here with you and for you! More questions?Write To Us Please

More than an Art School, more than an Art Gallery, we’re a community hub and intend to stay one even in these unprecedented times. Connect online and stay tuned for online art classes and video tutorials!

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