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Mosaics & Bling

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Mosaics & Bling

Mosaics is an ancient art form that dates back to 3000 B.C. and beyond – yet mosaics are still just a popular, if not more so, in the creative arts arena today.

As a lover of texture, colour and bling, Art Mania Studio has so many options to take this art form further than where we’ve gone before with Mosaics…

Does the word Mosaics make you think of chopped up tiles?

Yes, most of us do.

It is only when we are exposed to the many creative options available in the world of mosaics, it then tweaks interest.  For many of us, we don’t feel we are creative or artistic in any way, however this is merely a confidence barrier. Most art or creative options are ‘learned techniques’, similar to that of learning to drive a car, or cooking!  Yes some of us are gifted and have the vision that makes it somewhat easier, however with instruction it is achievable for anyone to embark on the creative journey.

So, as we embark on our latest mosaic course, tiles are certainly one of the first things we look at, however it doesn’t end there! We call this class ‘Mosaics and Bling’ purely because we use so many different options to make our mosaic art work come to life, creating that WOW factor.

How good does it feel when you make something you love?

What does it do for you, the individual? A sense of pride and achievement!

Once the initial hurdle of making your first project has been  completed, the urge to move onto the next challenge is fueled by the self-satisfying feeling being creative offers. Taking a chance on the unknown and not only doing well, but making something beautiful, gets the happy endorphins kicking in and there is no stopping you! The way you look at everything changes…– ‘wow, I could mosaic that’… and that is really how it all begins.

A favourite reference material is a book by Tracy Graiver Bell called ‘Crazy Mosaics’, which transforms shattered treasures into inspired creations. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however it demonstrates a number of options in the mosaic arena that really inspire.  I especially like the recycled options, given the disposable world we live in today. The thing about most creative adventures is they are continually evolving, coming in and out of vogue, and the next new extension of how you can push the traditional or contemporary boundaries is what makes it exciting!

I’ve been teaching mosaics for over 20 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how addictive the creative endorphins are!

So, tiles are generally first on the agenda for newbies, however in our studio there are many completed mosaics to offer inspiration.  Throughout the course we look at beautiful coloured stained glass inclusions, recycled jewellery, mirror, crockery, fused glass petals and leaves, buttons and other blingy bits to add spark and a point of interest into the artwork.

We also look at different options for project bases, metal shovels, totem poles, types of woods and how to prepare them, grouting options and sealing. We can continue down the rabbit hole and explore different techniques, such as micro-mosaics and using a huge range of resources to bring texture, colour and life to just about anything you can think of.

Mosaics may be an ancient art form, but here at Art Mania Studio we give it a new lease on life, with lots of fun, laughter and imagination along the way.


  • Mosaics & Bling – Thursdays – starts 17 Jan – (Full Price $120) DEPOSIT PRICE

  • Mosaics & Bling – Wednesdays – starts 16 Jan – (Full Price $120) DEPOSIT PRICE


Just BecCause

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“Bec was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer at the age of 14. She endured many hours days and weeks in hospital having chemo treatment. Bec had an inspiring sense of humour.  She rarely complained and kept on smiling through the pain and sickness. Bec smile was infectious! You couldn’t help but smile along with her.

After having a good response to the first year of treatment, Bec went onto maintenance treatment,  which meant she continue her treatment at home, less time in hospital and could start to resume some what of a normal life.  She started to attend school again, went to the movies and hung out with friends again. Her hair started to grow back and she felt much better. 4 weeks prior to completing her treatment, Bec relapsed.

Bec would relapse for a second time, being deemed incurable. Bec had a big heart and wanted to help other kids beat the fight with cancer. In 2017, she started a fund raiser she called “Just BecCause “.
Bec had an artistic sole. She loved to draw and paint. She was good at it, so when Fee from Art Mania Studio approached her to do an resin art piece to auction at her fund raiser, well Bec jumped at it!

Art Mania Studio generously, donated time, supplies and lots of fun energy to Bec and her cause.
She raised $10,000, $1,000 of that from the auction of her special art piece,  for research into finding a cure for kids cancer. Bec added this money to a crowd funder she headed raising an amazing $38,000.

Heartbreakingly, my beautiful Bec earnt her wings in December last year after a  three and half year courageous fight. One of Becs last wishes was for us to continue with her legacy and hold another “Just BecCause ” this year. She wanted to raise money for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital. Becs way of saying thank you to the staff that became family and supported and cared for her. And to help the kids fighting their own battle with cancer.

Art Mania Studio still remain one of “Just BecCause ” biggest supporters, this year agreeing to go one, two, three, four steps ahead.  Fee has again generously donated her time, expertise and fun spirit. We have 4 amazing young adults that have agreed to come together with Fee to create not 1, but 4 beautiful resin art pieces, in memory of Bec, to auction. I cannot tell you how very grateful I am to Fee, and these four superheros to step up and support Becs cause!”

Bec’s Mum

Just BECause is an event that is close to our hearts here at Art Mania Studio.

We’ve been doing all we can to help Just BECause raise funds for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital. This year’s special event will have Raffles, Auctions, Stalls & Shaves, all to fundraise for the fight against Children’s Cancer.

* 2 Family Go Kart Passes
* Resin Art Pieces
* A weekend away for 4 at Windsor Edge Estate
* Framed Women’s Jet Jersey
* Esky filled thanks to Tooheys
* & much more!

Live entertainment after with TIMELESS.

For more info & updates join our Facebook event

We’d love to see you there!

Sunday Sep 16th, 11am – 4pm
Lemon Grove Hotel
112 Nelson St, Wallsend

Spring Garden

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Glass Fusing Spring Garden

What is a garden without soil or water? hmmm… probably a pretty dead one I would imagine!  This project is for those who love a spring garden, but don’t really want to get their hands dirty or have to do any maintenance – yes pretty perfect really!

Fee Madigan, the studio’s creative director has designed a glass project for the absolute beginner!

She was recently asked, ‘Gosh Fee, how much experience do you need to do that, is it hard?’

She loves to see the reaction on people’s faces when she can respond with – “that’s a beginner project!”

The Glass Spring Garden project is completed in a day, then fired and ready to display for all to admire! You will use a variety of glass options to make it all come to life. All students will be guided through the process on how to use glass frit, which is simply crushed glass sprinkled on like table salt.  The frit is made by crushed glass made into a variety of sizes.  For example she uses chunky pieces of frit to make some of the lavender flower clusters and the finer frit was used to create the sky and foreground before planting the green foliage, and the flower garden.

The world of glass has endless possibilities. Come & fall in love with this beautiful art form & make a piece that can be passed down through generations.

Don’t wait up – Bookings for the Glass Fusing Spring Garden available HERE!

Art Mania Studio, always striving to be Your Happy Place.