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The Art Of Team Building

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Top 5 reasons why art is going to make your workplace better.

We spend a lot of our lives at work and often we are too busy to really get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Rarely do we have time to catch up on a social level with management or people on the other side of the office, or in different departments and teams may be separate due to their various work duties.

Employees and managers can feel distant, and without a satisfying, cohesive working environment, morale can soon dip low. However, the solution is easy! Team building days can save the day! Working together as a colleagues, as equals, as a team, breaks down barriers and can set the foundation for trusting relationships. The better people know each other, the better they can deal with problems, and the likelier they are to support each other during tough or trying times.

So, where does art come into the equation, and why should you use art in your team building event?


Laughter is the best medicine. When we laugh, have fun and feel enjoyment in what we are doing, it releases hormones in our body that have long term benefits to our overall well being, as well as having the immediate effect of relaxation, which reduces stress. The feeling of enjoyment raises the energy of people and allows them to connect to others more readily.

Interpersonal Skills

Working together to create art requires communication skills to be utilised. What colours does everyone like, how do you decide on which ones to choose, who will do what as you create your piece? Building the interpersonal skills between team members in a fun and non-threatening environment helps them to develop their ability to communicate in new ways.


Negotiation is key in workplace relations and just as important when working towards shared goals. As the team must work together to design and generate a shared creation they will sharpen those skills and take them back to your organisation.

Strategy and problem solving

Planning is part of creating as much as it is part of productivity. The team will need to develop a strategy to reach your shared goal, which is exactly what is needed in a workplace too. Strategic thinking and planning enables people to contribute effectively at work.

Competition (the good kind)

Friendly competition can be a great motivator to boost people to work and try harder. Why not create some healthy rivalry over the day? Perhaps create a competition for the best artwork to be placed in the company’s foyer or on the company’s Christmas card? Winning as a team gives more of your staff the opportunity to share in the esteem, so why not choose a team design!

The artwork created can be a great reminder of the fun had and camaraderie created. Displaying it at your workplace continues to encourage that sense of team building they experienced on the day.

Art and team building go hand in hand, so get your troop together and add some colour into your world with creativity.

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Lefty or righty?

By | Lifestyle

Are you a lefty or a righty – and does it really matter?

Art, creativity, growth & health….. Once upon a time….just kidding! Ok, let’s look at the brain, are you a lefty or a righty? Left is our logical side, right is our creative side.

In all the work I have done, I have my own simple theory on this and how it can also work for someone who feels they run predominantly from the left brain.

From birth to 5 years, we grow and develop, learn to crawl, walk, eat, drink from a cup, play, imagine, dress up, and so on…then we head off to school, where more often than not our creative brain is pushed aside to engage the logic brain, reading, writing and maths etc. So, from year 1 through until we complete school (as a general rule), our logic brain is engaged more than our creative brain. What happens to the creative side of us then?

Unless we are otherwise engaging our creative brains, and have the skills to switch from logic to creative when we choose, some of us grow to believe we are not creative at all. I don’t know how many times I have heard people say, “but I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” Well, the fact is, we all do!

It really depends on the amount of engagement our right brain has experienced as a child and through our schooling, and the stimulus response (positive or negative) gained through those creative experiences. For example, I often see our kids in our after-school classes so excited to attend to get their art on each week – changing from logic to creative brain – and parents who are encouraging and interested in what they are creating, further enhance this positive stimulus. Having a healthy dose of both brain hemispheres is the best approach by far… by exploring the potential of art which encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities.

Love n light, Fee